SafeHouse Radon Testing is licensed to perform commercial radon tests in daycare centers, preschools and schools, according to Illinois state testing standards.  We use state of the art equipment with tamper detection features to help ensure accurate test results.  A false high reading could cost you thousands of dollars in unneeded mitigation repairs, and a false low reading could, of course, pose a danger to your children and other building occupants.

Our technicians are personable, knowledgeable and here to explain all you need to know about radon and how it can affect your childcare center.  We also understand that timely receipt of your test results is critical to keeping your daycare business in compliance with state and local agencies.  SafeHouse Radon Testing will provide you with your comprehensive, easy to read radon report, and radon test certificate where required by DCFS, quickly and efficiently.

Don’t let your radon test results go to chance.  To schedule a radon test appointment click here or call us today at 312-488-1461.