SafeHouse Radon Testing provides radon testing services for your Chicagoland home, business, daycare, school or multi-family residential building.  SafeHouse Radon Testing is licensed by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA), certified by the National Radon Safety Board (NRSB), and a member of the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST). House-For-Sale

SafeHouse Radon Testing offers prompt, courteous and professional service, including same day radon test placement (where available) and radon test report delivery same day of test completion for tests performed in conjunction with real estate transactions.

SafeHouse Radon Testing uses a combination of state of the art continuous radon monitors (CRM’s) and EPerm electret ion chambers when testing in residential and commercial settings.  (Testing in multi-family residential settings may require use of alternate devices.)  Our CRM’s have a high degree of sensitivity and accuracy, while utilizing tamper detection technology.  These devices are also unaffected by power surges or fluctuations.  Pulsed ions resulting from the decay of Radon-222 within the device’s chamber are counted and radon concentrations are calculated.  Fluctuations in radon levels are measured and reported hourly in a graphical format.  Our technicians are trained to spot any unusual fluctuations in radon levels and identify potential interference to help ensure that you have a valid radon test.

Our electret ion chambers also display a high degree of sensitivity and accuracy, and are listed as the most used device for short and long term radon measurements in the U.S.  Radon gas entering the device chamber decays and ionizes the air.  Negative ions are attracted to the positively charged electret within. The resulting voltage decrease of the electret is proportional to the radon concentration and the length of exposure.

Our radon reports are comprehensive, informative and easy to read.  Whether you are concerned homeowner, real estate purchaser, seller looking for a reliable post-radon mitigation test, home inspector or real estate agent/professional, SafeHouse Radon Testing is at your service!  To schedule a radon test appointment click here or call us today at 773.321.6967.


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